About the Trust


About the Kingston Village Hall Trust

The Kingston Village Hall Trust is a Registered Charity established in 1997 and working to a set of governing documents agreed between the Trust, the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Finance, and the Kingston Parochial Church Council.

There are six Managing Trustees, including a Chairman and a Treasurer, and each Trustee shares responsibility for a range of management tasks including Trust Administration; Accounting systems; Barn Diary coordination; Barn Hire management; and maintenance of the Village Hall, car park and the Playing Field.

While having valued support from a part time cleaner the Trust has no other permanent staff, and relies heavily on Village Organisations and User Groups to maintain an active programme of events and to keep The Barn as the focus for village life.

The Trust has a Business Plan, reviewed annually, covering the history of The Barn; past and present activity levels; the financial position; an overview of the Kingston population; research into resident views and aspirations about the resource; and culminating with short and medium term objectives for future development.

Declaration of Trust


Kingston Village Hall Trust is a Registered Charity No: 1066308  

Enquiries: Brian Morris   (email – Brianpmorris2009@hotmail.co.uk; tel. 07748 632930)