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First, some rather sad news. The Village Cinema Company has provided us with some excellent films over the last couple of years, but ceases trading at the end of this month. The good news is that the Kingston Village Society has decided to take up the challenge of investigating the potential of setting up a Kingston Cinema Club, and we… read more →

Useful links to the Environment Agency’s

As the Nailbourne is now flowing and has just trickled past Barham, I thought it would be useful to post a couple of useful links to the Environment Agency’s website: Flood status of the Nailbourne (it’s not actually flooding yet so no updates as of today ) and the latest Groundwater report here: (at the time of posting,… read more →

Fruit and Vegetable stall – 4 The Street, Kingston

This year we have had another good crop in the garden, including some very strangely shaped carrots. Our produce stall was supplemented by a large number of people donating plants and fruit from their own gardens, and also Liz’s dad, who at 94 years old produced a fantastic amount of runner beans and raspberries. Thanks to your generosity in donating… read more →
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