MIND Festival Update


MIND MUSIC FESTIVAL 3-5 June 2016 at Quilters Farm



Dear Residents

This is to inform you that the Licence Application (No KE-PR-16-00312 ) relating to the proposed Mind Music Festival at Quilters Farm has been rejected by the Licensing Authority at Canterbury City Council.  It was rejected due to fundamental errors both in the application and the blue notices.  The applicant has a statutory right to submit a fresh application if they wish.

Consequently, all letters relating to the festival which have been submitted are now null and void, because they relate to the application which has been rejected and concluded by statute.

In the event of a fresh application, a new notice of application will be published and blue notices displayed.  There will then be a new deadline for making representation/ objection 28 days from the date of the application.  Should you wish to submit a representation to a new application, your letters may need to be amended to comply with the fresh application and the date changed accordingly.  In short, the whole process of application and response has to start again.

Yours faithfully

Davina Martin

Chair, Kingston Parish Council

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Robert Osborn