Next Meeting

There will be an ordinary

Meeting of Kingston Parish Council on

Monday 2nd March 2020 at 7:30 pm

in The Barn, Kingston, CT4 6JB


 Members of the public are entitled to address the Council at item 4 on the Agenda.


        1. Apologies and approval of absence
        2. Reports from County and City Council members: To receive oral reports from County Cllr Northey and City Cllr Sole.
        3. Declarations of Interest: To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of business to be transacted on the agenda.
        4. Public Forum: The Chairman will invite members of the public who are in attendance to ask questions        or make statements.  The Public must not take part at any other time unless permitted to do so.
        5. Minutes of previous meetings: to resolve that the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Monday 3rd February 2020 are a correct record.
        6. Matters Arising: including any  Action Points from last meeting
        7. Planning Applications: None to Date
        8. Planning Decisions: None to Date
        9. Finance:Payments – None to Date
        10. Discipline Policy and Grievance Procedures: to be approved
        11. Concurrent Functions Funding: to receive feedback from the Stakeholders’ meeting (27th February) on future options.
        12. Closed Churchyard: To resolve KPC’s acceptance of responsibility for the maintenance of the closed churchyard at St Giles’ Church, Kingston.
        13. Local Plan Review: to receive feedback from the workshop meeting with City Council Planning Department on 5th February
        14. River Nailbourne: to report action with respect to ‘Black Robin scrub’ and receive feedback from Little Stour and Nailbourne River Group meeting on 22nd
        15. V.E. Day planning: to receive an update
        16. Highways and Footpaths: to report action on Marley Lane, and footpaths CB 277 and CB 275.
        17. Matters for further consideration
        18. Date of next meeting:  Monday 6th April 2020 at 7.30pm in The Barn, Kingston

Signed                                                              Davina Martin


Date: 24th February 2020