Next Meeting

There will be an Extra-Ordinary

Meeting of Kingston Parish Council

will be on

Monday 12th August 2019 at 5:00 pm

in The Barn, Kingston, CT4 6JB


Members of the public are cordially invited to participate in informal discussion before the start of the meeting and may speak during the meeting at the discretion of the Chairman.


        1. Apologies and approval of absence
        2. Declarations of Interest To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of business to be transacted on the agenda.
        3. Public Forum The Chairman will invite members of the public who are in attendance to ask questions        or make statements.  The Public must not take part at any other time unless permitted to do so.
        4. Minutes of previous meetings: To resolve that the minutes of the Extra-ordinary Meeting held on 17th July are a correct record (previously distributed)
        5. Matters Arising:
        6. Finance:To note receipt of VAT refunds for 2018/19 of £445.70. Bank balance as of 3rd July was £21,589.38
        7. Planning Decisions: 19/00981 Proposed single-storey outbuilding following demolition of existing outbuilding.  Old Downs, Black Robin Lane, Kingston, CT4 6HR GRANTED
        8. Councillor Training: To receive feedback from Cllrs Spencer and Stribbling on ‘Dynamic Councillor’ session.
        9. Maintenance work on the Embankment:To receive quotations  and decide action for:
          1. Felling 3 small trees (2 yew, 1 maple) on the top of the Embankment
          2. Grass and brushwood strimming on either side of the footpath CB 542
          3. Felling of 3 small sycamores at foot of the Embankment overlooking 3, Greenacre
          4. Any required follow-up action
        10. Fete preparation for 7th September 2019
        11. Matters for future consideration:Closed Churchyards
        12. Emails received:

          22/07   NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin

          24/07   NALC Policy E-briefing Consultation – Draft Data Sharing Code of Practice (d/line 16th August)

          24/07   KALC Fake TV Licensing Email

          29/07   NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin

          31/07   NALC May 2019 Election Surveys (d/line 27th September)

          01/08   NALC Model Financial Regulations 2019 for England and Wales

          02/08   NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin

          05/08   KALC National CSSC Green Message NFIB Fraud Alert

          05/08   KALC National CSSC Green Message UK Protect Bulletin

          05/08   KALC Finance and Transport Conferences October 2019

        13. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 2nd September 2019 at 7:30 pm in The Barn, Kingston.

Signed                                                               Davina Martin (Chair)           


Date: 6th August 2019