Next Meeting

The next meeting of

Meeting of Kingston Parish Council

will be on

Monday 4th February 2019 at 7:30 pm

in The Barn, Kingston, CT4 6JB


Members of the public are cordially invited to participate in informal discussion before the start of the meeting and may speak during the meeting at the discretion of the Chairman.


        1. To resolve acceptance of Cllr Spencer as Acting Clerk for the meeting.
        2. Apologies and approval of absences
        3. Co-option of new Member: To approve the co-option of Mr Paul Chatley as a Parish
          Councillor and to witness his signing of a declaration of acceptance of office in a
          prescribed form.
        4. Reports from County and City Council Members: To receive oral reports from County Cllr Northey and City Cllr Cook
        5. Declarations of Interest To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of business to be transacted on the agenda.
        6. Public Forum: The Chairman will invite members of the public who are in attendance to ask questions or to make statements. The Public must not take part at any other times unless permitted to do so.
        7. Minutes of previous meeting:
          1. To resolve that the minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 7th January 2019 are a correct record.
        8. Matters arising:
        9. To consider Planning Applications: None
        10. To receive Planning Application Decisions:None
        11. Finance
          1. No Payments due. Balance of account as of 21st December 2018 – £14,005.77
          2. To report request amendments of signatories to bank account
          3. To resolve preliminary action for annual internal audit
        12. Highways and Footpaths
          1. To resolve re-siting of 30mph sign in Covet Lane to improve visibility
          2.  To report repair work to Embankment steps
          3. To resolve installation of barrier on Embankment footpath to deter use by motor-cycles.
          4. To resolve action re a salt bin request for Ileden Lane
        13. Re-advertisement for replacement clerk / RFO
          1. To receive an update
        14. Feedback from Chairmanship conferencxe 13th December 2018
        15. Emails received:
          1.        7 Jan: NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin

            8 Jan: NATIONAL CSSC Green Message


            8 Jan: Rebecca Williams Oast to Coast Magazine

          4.      10 Jan: KALC Planning Conference

            11 Jan: 2018 KALC AGM Draft Minutes


            12 Jan: CPRE Campaigns – Help us reclaim our dark skies


            18 Jan: NALC Sends an Open letter


            21 Jan: NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin


            26 Jan: CPRE Campaigns – Star Count 2019


            28 Jan: NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin


            31 Jan: KCC Kent Bus Feedback Portal

        16. Matters for further discussion:
          1. Preliminary briefing for Parish Council elections on Thursday 2nd May 2019
          2. To suggest a date for Parish Clean-up
          3. SERCO – green bin collections and road sweeping.
        17. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 4th March 2019 at 7:30 pm in The Barn, Kingston.


Signed                                                               Davina Martin (Chair)           


Date: 28th November 2018