Next Meeting

There will be an Extra-Ordinary

Meeting of Kingston Parish Council

will be on

Monday 7th October 2019 at 7:30 pm

in The Barn, Kingston, CT4 6JB


Members of the public are cordially invited to participate in informal discussion before the start of the meeting and may speak during the meeting at the discretion of the Chairman.


        1. Apologies and approval of absence
        2. Reports from County and City Council members: To receive oral reports from County Cllr Northey and City Cllr Sole
        3. Declarations of Interest: To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of business to be transacted on the agenda.
        4. Public Forum: The Chairman will invite members of the public who are in attendance to ask questions        or make statements.  The Public must not take part at any other time unless permitted to do so.
        5. Minutes of previous meetings: To resolve that the minutes on 2nd September 2019 are correct records (previously distributed)
        6. Matters Arising: Report from Highways Department re Marley Lane
        7. Planning Applications:
          1. 19/01822 – proposed outbuilding in rear garden, 72 The Street
          2. 19/01783 – proposed timber outbuilding, 2 Whitelocks Close
        8. Planning Decisions: 19/01603 – proposed single-storey rear extension, Old Boundary Cottage Covet Lane – GRANTED
        9. Finance:
          1. Payments and Receipts (see schedule to follow)
            1. Cllr Chatley – Expenses
            2. Cllr Martin Expenses
            3. Anne J Griffiths – Clerk’s salary
            4. HMRC – Income Tax on Clerk’s Salary
            5. Andrew Sage – Replacement Cheque
          2. To receive year to date report for expenditure and half-year summary and to resolve acceptance
        10. Draft Maintenance Plan: to receive updated Maintenance Programme as an aid to budget setting
        11. Road Issues: to receive letter from Barham Parish Council and draft a response
        12. Update on Data Protection
        13. Matters for further discussion:
        14. Date of Next Meeting: Monday 4th November 2019 at 7:30 pm in The Barn, Kingston. CT4 6JE

Signed                                                               A.J. Griffiths, Clerk/RFO


Date: 2nd October 2019