Constitution (as revised May 2014)

  1. NAME: The name of the Society shall be Kingston Village Society. The Society shall be independent, non-party and non-sectarian, and shall pursue its objects by charitable means but not otherwise.
  2. OBJECTS: The objects of the Society shall be to promote and encourage the following:
  • Encourage the well-being of residents in the village of Kingston and the taking of a lively pride and interest in village activities.
  • Safeguard the natural beauty and wildlife of the locality and encourage the best rural features of the village and neighbourhood.
  • Take an active interest in developments, buildings and projected layouts, and assist any authority or interested individual in preventing any threat to the natural amenities and rural nature of the village.
  • Encourage and assist cultural, educational and recreational activities in the village.
  • Assist in the development of other village groups through collaboration, advice and access to possible grant funding streams.
  • Collaborate in the coordination and publicising of village activities through the development of the village website and through other media sources.

3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to all Kingston residents and to those who are interested in the aims of the Society.

4. RAISING OF FINANCE: There shall be no fixed subscriptions but donations from individuals and other Societies and Organisations will be accepted. A limited number of fund raising activities will be held from time to time, and Grant Funding may be sought for specific projects.

5. OFFICERS: The Officers of the Society shall be the Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

6. ORGANISATION: The management of the Society shall be vested in a committee consisting of the following:

a) A minimum of six elected members, to include the Officers.

b) Nominated members (who need not be the same individual at consecutive

meetings) representing any existing village association recognised by the Kingston

Village Society.

The Officers for the ensuing year shall be nominated by the Committee from its elected members at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be confirmed at that meeting. If any officer is unable to continue in office throughout the year for which he was elected, the Committee shall have the right to elect from the ‘elected’ members of the Committee a person to fill the vacant office without reference to a General Meeting. If the Committee is unable to find a person from amongst the elected members to fill the post, a General Meeting shall be called to discuss the matter and elect the officer.

Elected members of the Committee shall relinquish their post every year and shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

7. COMMITTEES: The Committee shall have the power to do all acts and things that may be incidental and conducive to carrying into effect any of the objects of the Society.

The Committee shall have powers to appoint sub-committees from their own body, and co-opt on such sub-committees other members of the Society or any other individual for a specific purpose.

The Committee shall meet whenever the Chairman and Secretary for the time being deem it necessary, four members, including two Officers, to form a quorum.

Any member of the Society shall have the right to refer any matter concerning the village to the Committee. This shall be done in writing to the Honorary Secretary.

All meetings of the Committee shall be open to members of the Society, but they shall not take part in the discussion or voting.

8. MEETINGS: The Annual General Meeting shall be held during May of each year to receive the Committee’s report and the Audited Accounts; to elect members of the Committee; and to receive any suggestion as to the organisation and functioning of the Society.

Extraordinary General Meetings shall be called on receipt by the Honorary Secretary of:

a) A request signed by not less than ten members of the Society, or

b) An order by the Committee.

The request or order shall state the nature of the business before the meeting.

9. THE FINANCIAL YEAR shall end on the 31st March. The Auditor shall be approved at the

Annual General Meeting, and shall not be an elected member of the Committee.

10. APPEALS: The Committee shall have the power to make appeals, solicit donations and

canvass monies for carrying out the objects of the Society.

11. EXPENSES: The Committee shall, out of the monies received by the Society, pay all proper

expenses of the administration of the Society, and shall use the residue of such monies

towards the objects of the Society.

12. INVESTMENT: All monies at any time belonging to the Society and not required for

immediate application, may be invested by the Committee upon such investments,

securities or property as it may think fit, and as are by law allowed.

13. AMENDMENT: Alterations to the Constitution may only be made by voting at the Annual

General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Such

alteration must be approved by a majority of not less than two-thirds of those members

present and voting.

14. WINDING-UP: In the event of the winding up of the Society, the available funds of the

Society shall be transferred to one or more charitable bodies having objects similar or

reasonably similar to those hereinbefore described, as may be chosen by the Committee.

Adopted at the Annual General Meeting 22nd May 2014